Your Roadmap To An Independent Eater!

Understand oral motor development from ages 4 months to 5 years old! 

Learn when your baby learns to chew, manage difficult textured foods, drink from a straw, open cup, spoon feed, use a fork and much more!

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Mama, I get it!

Offering your little one solid foods can be SO stressful when we don't know what expect, or how we can best support our kiddo.

Then we are expected to raise healthy eaters and ensure that our little one's love their veggies and fruits!

It can certainly be overwhelming, and it is why I'm incredibly passionate about empowering you with knowledge you need to understand and serve your child's developmental needs.

This chart will give you an approximate timeline of when your kiddo will be mastering major milestones like chewing, using a fork, and drinking from a cup - so you can spend less time on google, and more time enjoying tasty meals with your sweet babe! 

About Nekole


I'm a Mama to Kai, Licensed Pediatric Occupational Therapist as well as Certified Lactation Consultant, and our mission at Kids OT Help is to help you understand and serve your child's developmental needs.